8 Classy Ways to Use Lace as a Decoration

Use Lace to Create These Easy Decorations for Your Home

Lace adds a tasteful, elegant look to just about anything in your home. Try these ideas to makeover existing decorative items, or create something new altogether, with the addition of classic lace.

Candle Covers

Stitch together both ends of a length of lace to cover the outside of a tea light holder for a romantic touch. In a darkened room, the lace creates awesome shadow patterns on nearby walls or tables.

Tile Coasters

Lay some lace on ceramic tile, spray some adhesive on it, and then spray enamel metallic paint lightly over the lace and tile. Let it dry completely, and you have unique tile coasters for your coffee or end tables.

Doily Bowl

Soak a doily in fabric stiffener and then drape it over an upside-down small bowl. When the fabric stiffener dries, you have a decorative bowl made from lace doilies.

Patterned Coffee Table

Turn a slightly used coffee table into a work of art with a large piece of lace. Cover the entire table with a length of lace, secure it underneath with masking tape, and then spray paint the top from about 1 foot away. Remove the lace, and let it dry for a new-look coffee table.