Add New Life to Your Kitchen Chairs With These Colorful Puff Quilt Cushions

These Quilt Cushions Should Be the Next Addition to Your Dining Chairs

Let’s get real for a second, there is nothing quite like a soft, comfortable cushion to rest your backside after a long, hard day at work, after working around the house, or running around after the kids for what felt like hours on end… The last thing we want to do is sit down to dinner with our family and be stuck in a hard, uncomfortable chair while we wait until everyone has cleared the beans off their plate. Thankfully, today we are happy to share that we have a solution!

Watch this video tutorial to create colorful puff quilt cushions stuffed with fiberfill for your dining room chairs. Let your creative juices flow, and choose your own colored fabric squares to create a quilt pattern to match your decor.

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