The Last Bookstore Attracts Customers With A Unique Layout…

The Last Bookstore prefers to make shopping a treasure hunt.

An extensive selection of new and used books, a coffee shop, and occasional book signings are all pretty standard for large bookstores. How’s a bookstore to stand out from the crowd? The Last Bookstore makes itself quite the experience, as it features a tunnel of books, a bookcase with a flying books design, and rooms dedicated to specific genres. All that’s only the tip of the iceberg in this bookstore that’s housed in a former bank.

Via The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore takes full advantage of the space this bank building provides. One of the most innovative features is the second floor, called the Labyrinth. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Labyrinth is a maze-like area, with much of the maze constructed from books. It’s here where visitors can walk through the book tunnel and even find secret passageways to hidden rooms. The best part is that all the used books on this story are only $1.

Via Karla Lima Oritz

The bookstore has an eclectic style. In some areas, magnifying glasses hang from the ceilings. One shelf groups books together by color. Comic book clippings cover a wall. Look carefully and you may even find a light switch hidden in one of the books (and yes, it works). Bookshelves face every direction, and organization isn’t a priority here, as The Last Bookstore prefers to make shopping a treasure hunt.

Via The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore is more than just a pretty face, though, as it has frequent events to keep customers coming back. Book release or anniversary parties are common, and authors often visit for book signings. The bookstore also holds open mic nights. Of course, customers can always stop by just to buy, sell, or donate a book.With the rise of online book retailers, it isn’t easy for those friendly neighborhood retailers to stay afloat.

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