10 Tricks, Tips, And Techniques To Beat Writer’s Block

It’s time to take a strategic look at how to get past your writer’s block…

5. Find Your Inspiration

Sit back and find inspiration in your workspace. Examine your child’s scribbles, the motivational poster on the wall, the representation of a famous piece of art or the wonderful gift your spouse gave you as an anniversary present five years ago. Write down the thoughts and feelings these objects invoke, and see what happens to your writing project.

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4. Dive Into The Problem

Problem-solve your writer’s block by taking stock of your emotional state. Write down how you feel at that moment, then get to the bottom of those feelings. Why does your writing feel blocked? Do you feel frustrated or angry? Play armchair psychologist, and find out what makes your feelings tick before trying to compose your next piece. Clear your mind of all the clutter — in a logical and rational way — so you can focus on writing.

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3. Give Yourself a Deadline

Create a realistic deadline to trick your brain into getting something done. Set a goal of 100 words in 30 minutes, set an alarm clock or a timer, and start your engines. Many people work well under pressure and this can help you find out if you’re that type of person.

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2. Get Into a Routine

Write at the same time every day, no matter what that time happens to be during your daily routine. Whether you sit at your desk at 9 a.m., 2 p.m., or 8 p.m., get your brain ready to write at the same time of day. People who love routines can get in a groove, tailor daily activities around the most important tasks of the day and clear out schedules to make room for writing.

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1. Start a Conversation

Talk to the people around you, such as your spouse, best friend, workout buddy or a co-worker, to see if the light bulb comes on at some point. Discuss any topic, not just the one you’re writing about, but don’t bring up the fact that you’re writing something. Another person’s perspective on topics you enjoy can lead to a breakthrough that clears your writer’s block. To help you along the way to better writing, read more stories and tips for aspiring writers here.

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