Short on Time? Get a Workout in Only 10 Minutes!

Powerful Toning Exercises for Today’s Busy Lifestyle

In today’s busy lifestyle, it can be hard to squeeze in enough exercise. The good news, though, is that with just 10 minutes a day, you can go through a full-body workout to help you stay fit. This video walks you through moves you can do at home without special equipment.

One of the total body movements in the video is planks; planks have health benefits beyond core strength training. According to Dr. Mercola, planks not only tone the belly, but they may improve flexibility, reduce back pain, help mood and improve balance.

One of the other moves included is burps which focus on broadly strengthening upper and lower body pushing muscles in the body, plus training the core.

Rather than thinking you don’t have enough time daily for an effective workout, follow the video exercises and see how little time it takes to work out your muscles. Dedicate yourself to regular workouts and take care of your body.