You’ll Never Guess What This Bangle Turns Into!

Need a beautiful and thoughtful gift but don’t think you have anything on hand to use? If you’ve got a bangle, you can make something really lovely – follow along to find out more!

People say it is more meaningful to give gifts than to receive them and we are inclined to go a step further – we think it is even more meaningful to give a thoughtful, homemade gift that the recipient can use for years to come. These crocheted picture frames (written pattern here) are so lovely, we know whoever is on the receiving end will be so appreciative. (Plus, when you gift it you can even include your favorite photo of you both together!)

One thing to note is that Olivia, as she explains the process to us, uses U.K. crochet terminology, and while that may work for some of you, we know it won’t work for everyone, so here are some things to keep track of as you follow along:

-(UK) double crochet = (US) single crochet

-(UK) treble crochet = (US) double crochet

-(UK) double treble = (US) triple crochet

-(UK) half treble = (US) half double crochet