Crochet This Headband In 30 Minutes Or Less!

You only need to know two stitches for this lovely pattern!

Looking for a fun and easy crochet project? We’ve got you covered! This adorable headband can be completed, start to finish, in 30 minutes or less. This project would be great for a beginner, or if you’re trying to teach someone some basic stitches and tricks of the trade! You only need to know two stitches for this headband: double crochet, and slip stitch. That’s it! With those two stitches, you can create this fun headband. Once you get comfortable with the pattern, try a few different versions! Maybe you could use two colors for one, or weave a ribbon throughout the holes in the pattern. The sky is the limit! Check out the easy to follow video below, and get the pattern and tips beneath the video. Happy crocheting, friends!

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– 5.5 mm Crochet hook

– Worsted weight yarn


Chain 34

Double crochet 6 times in 4th chain from the hook.

Skip 2 chains, slip stitch in next chain.

Skip 2 chains *double crochet 6 times in the next chain, skip 2, slip stitch in next chain* repeat pattern from * to * until last 3 stitches.

Skip 2 chains, double crochet 12 times in last stitch, turn work, begin next row on opposite side of the chain.

Mirror pattern on this side of the chain: slip stitch in each slip stitch, and double crochet 6 times in each 6dc space from previous side.

Once at the end of the row, join with a slip stitch, and chain 20-30 (enough to tie around head).

Join yarn on opposite side, and chain another 20-30 (long enough to tie in with other end around head).