At the end of the day, knitting and crocheting are such great hobbies because all you really need is some yarn, a hook or needles, and a pattern. But anyone who has been knitting or crocheting for any amount of time knows that there are plenty of other amazing accessories that make the task at hand more enjoyable! Plus, if your yarn pile looks anything like mine, you could probably use some helpful organizers. Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone on this list!

Row Counter

If you don’t already have one of these handy row counters, then you definitely need one! No more starting over your complicated pattern when you forget if you’re on the odds or evens, just keep track with this clever device!

Yarn and Pattern Organizer

I can’t wait to set this shelf up in my yarn closet. That’s right, the yarn has taken over an entire closet in my house. This 6-shelf organizer is perfect for grouping yarn by projects, and even organizing patterns, hooks, scissors, and other accessories!

Yarn Bowl

Tired of tangled, messy yarn? This yarn bowl is just the thing you need in your life! This lightweight, portable yarn bowl is perfet for those “Netflix and Knit” afternooons, and it’s portable too!

Blocking Board

If you’ve ever done a granny square project, or anything that required precise edges and sizes, then you know how essential this blocking board is!

Portable Yarn And Accessories Bag

Take your current project with you wherever you go with this amazing bag! Keep everything organized and in one spot. I love this!

Stitch Markers

These stitch markers are another essential accessory for the avid knitter or crocheter. Never lose your place again!

Yarn Guide

I’ve never seen anything like this! What a great device for separating yarns when you’re knitting or crocheting with multiple colors in a row.

Yarn Caddy

This is perfect for my method of organization: yarn for future projects in the closet, yarn for current projects beside the couch, and of course, yarn for my traveling project in my to-go bag. What a great way to save space and keep organized!

Yarn Sleeves

What? Why have I never seen this handy sleeve before? This would have saved hours of untangleing yarn!

Yarn Dispenser

This amazing yarn dispenser is designed to twirl your yarn as you knit or crochet to keep perfect tension throughout your project. I need one asap!

Which one is your favorite? I can’t decide what to order first!