This Is The Perfect Summer Craft For Kids! And They’re So Pretty!

It’s so fun to watch the colors expand and change as they dry!

I had so much fun making these light catchers! They are so easy, at first it seemed too good to be true. The only variable is the drying time – I used bigger lids, and a 2 had Mod Podge, while the other 2 had plain white Elmer’s Glue. The Mod Podge dried faster – about two and half days total, whereas the Elmer’s Glue took a few days longer. It was still fun to check on them each day and see how the colors were expanding and mixing, and changing hues as they dried. In the end it was still a total success, once everything dried.

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– White glue

– Food coloring or liquid watercolors

– Tooth picks

– Plastic lids (from yogurt, sour cream, etc.)

– Hole punch

– String


Pour glue onto lids, and swirl around so it covers the whole surface.

Have your child put 1-2 drops of each food coloring around the wet glue, spacing them out across the surface.

Give them a toothpick to swirl the colors around the glue. Make sure to stop before it all mixes into brown!

Let dry. As it dries, the colors will continue to expand and create a tie dye effect. Depending on how much glue you used, it may take 1-2 days to fully dry.

When fully dry, peel the layer of glue and color off of the lid, punch some holes in it, and hang in a sunny window!