Tired Of Losing Things In Your Bag? With This Cute Pouch You’ll Never Lose Anything Again!!

We hate having to blindly search the bottoms of our bags for that lost lipstick…now we don’t have to!

Continuing our rampage against loose knick-knacks and odds-and-ends, we bring you the perfect project to help you keep track of all your stuff. You might not think you have that much stuff (especially in comparison to others), but we bet when you lay out everything that is in your purse or pockets, you will be shocked by what you find…that is why you need this handy pouch.

Cosmetics bags do not just have to be for make-up, they can be for anything that needs corralling, so you definitely do not have to aimlessly search for (what feels like) 20 years. The Crafty Gemini is back to give us the run-down, so check it out and wrangle all that stuff of yours!

These bags are great for travel or as gifts for your friend that needs a little organization in her life.