Are You Making These Common Quilting Mistakes?

We break down some of the most common quilting mistakes and how to fix them!

Quilt Is Too Puffy

Is your quilt feeling more and more like a big pile of pillows, rather than the wall hanging or show piece you intended it to be? Never fear! There are several products on the market available that will help press and tame the batting. Simply spray the product on your finished quilt, and iron on low heat to gently press the batting down. This technique is especially helpful if you’re going to be showing your quilt at an exhibition!

Irregular Stitches

Most problems in stitching the top quilt come from the type of thread you’re using. We strongly suggest using 100% cotton thread for your bobbin. A 50 weight cotton thread is a safe bet, it won’t pull or lint up. Hand quilting requires an even thicker thread – 28 weight or higher. Only when you’re completely comfortable with your quilting skills, should you veer off the beaten path into the land of metallics and other decorative threads. Even after all these years, we still stick with our tried and true 50 weight cotton thread.

Free Motion Follies

Do you ever find that you’ve quilted yourself into a corner, or you’re in the wrong location when you need to move onto the next block? Master quilter, Angela Walters gives the advice of traveling along the seam or a previously quilted line until you are in the correct location to move on. If you need to stop quilting, take several tiny stitches, and then start again. It’s ok if it’s not perfect, the more you free motion quilt, the easier it will be to remember to leave space to get out and around again.