This Piano Key Wreath Is Perfect For Any Music Lovers Out There!

wreath 1

This adorable wreath is so easy to make, and it comes together so quickly! All you need is a wire wreath, a few clothespins, black and white paint, and some drawing skills! If you have everything but the drawing skills, don’t worry; you can always print out some music notes and a treble clef sign. Watch the tutorial video below, and get the full instructions beneath the video. Happy crafting, friends!

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– Clothespins (about 60)

– Acrylic paint, in black and white (or black and white spray paint)

– 10″ wire wreath frame

– Card stock, permanent marker, scissors

– Mod podge


1. Paint (or spray paint) 43 white clothespins, and 17 black clothespins.

2. While clothespins dry, draw musical notes and a treble clef on thick card stock and cut out.

3. When clothespins are dry, attach to the wire wreath, alternating facing in and out. Organize the clothes pins in groups like that of a piano.

4. Attach music notes and treble clef with mod podge. Paint a layer of mod podge over the entire wreath, for a protective sealant.

5. Hang up and enjoy!

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