How do you normally clean out the lint trap in your dryer? If you’re like me, you just scrape out the visible lint after every load (or every five loads, let’s be honest). Did you know that if you use fabric softener, your lint trap is probably still dirty? The fabric softener residue sticks to the lint trap and holds water, therefore restricting air flow! Don’t believe us? Watch this video posted to Facebook by Whitney Crooks.

Whitney’s son-in-law, Cameron Beckwith, slides the “clean” lint trap under a water faucet and shows us how the running water pools right up on top of the mesh. The good news is, there is a really simple way to ensure your lint trap is clean. Just rinse and scrub the lint trap once a month with thick bristled brush. That’s it! You’ll be amazed at the before and after in the video below. Want more easy cleaning hacks? See how to clean the dirtiest of pans with this one kitchen ingredient!