10 Cute Ways To Decorate With… Chicken Wire?!

Chicken wire isn’t just for the birds…

You’ve probably seen chicken wire before. You may have seen it used to create a fence around a raised garden bed to keep out the bunnies or as a way to fence in small farm animals like chickens (hence the name). This thin, mesh wire made of galvanized steel has many uses around the farm, but as the shabby chic look is becoming more and more popular, we’re finding that it can be incorporated into some pretty cute decor for the home! Take a look at some of these clever ideas for chicken wire, and get inspired to pick some up next time your in a hardware store!

Hanging Planter

Via Hometalk|Peachandsalt

Isn’t this hanging planter just about the coolest thing ever? This project from Home Talk uses a chicken wire frame to hang plants upside down. You can put air plants in here for a frame that you can hang anywhere, or you could put some tropical plants in here and hang it up in your shower for a fun splash of greenery in an unexpected place!