5+ Tips For The Perfect Title

Can’t think of a good title? We’ve got some great advice!

So you’ve written a book. And all that’s left to do is title the dang thing. Or maybe you’re searching for the perfect title before you really begin the writing process. For some reason, you cannot possibly think of a group of words that aptly expresses the contents of your book. The more you think about it, the farther your good ideas float away, till they slip past your peripheral vision and into oblivion.

Sound familiar? Never fear, Shaelin is here! We’ve got another video from the talented young writer, Shaelin. And today she’s going to help us with our title ideas.

First things first: as soon as you get an idea for your title, google it. While you can’t copyright titles, it’s good to know what else is out there. Also, ya know, don’t title your book The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe. You get the idea.

You can, however, write down some of your favorite book titles and favorite books to get an idea of what makes them work. The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe is a very straightforward title, whereas something like The Broom Of The System is a little more abstract. Go ahead and see what other tips are in store for you in the video below!