5 Of The Best Plants To Have At Your Desk

There’s no doubt in my mind and I’m sure for most of you, that a little bit of greenery and plant life can go a long way, whether we’re talking about spending time in our gardens or bringing a plant into our homes or offices.

As I looked around my office the other day, I was surprised to see just how little greenery I actually had. I’m ashamed to admit that it didn’t extend much further than a few succulents. As a garden loving girl, you can imagine how out of character this is for me. Immediately, I started researching the best plants to bring into my office and knowing I can’t be the only one in need of a little extra greenery at work, today, I’m sharing it with you.

Spider Plant


This plant is a must-have for every office. From it’s air-cleansing benefits, helping reduce common allergy symptoms, and stress reducing nature, this plant is perfect. Sit in a windowless office or shady cubicle? No problem!

Lemon Balm


Feeling stressed? This super-fragrant plant is known for it’s mood enhancement capabilities. If you work in a demanding and stressful work environment, or your coworkers just seem to have a case of the gloom-and-dooms, try placing a few lemon balm plants around the office. It couldn’t hurt!

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