This GORGEOUS Autumn Wrap Only Uses 3 Easy Stitches!

I can’t believe how easy this pattern is!

Fall is here! And I, for one, and so excited for those bold fall colors, the crisp air, sipping warm coffee on cool mornings, and basically everything else that comes with the season. One of my favorite things about fall and the cold weather is that I can bring out some of the big crochet projects! During the warm summer months, I just can’t work on blankets or wraps. It’s just too hot! So I’m very excited to have a new wrap pattern to dig into when I get home. Is there anything better than curling up on the couch and crocheting a blanket, while under a blanket? It’s one of my top 5 favorite fall feelings!

But enough about me. Let’s focus on this lovely autumn wrap. It looks so complicated and delicate, but in reality, it’s just three easy stitches that most every crochet will know. The pattern is a “feather and fan” pattern, and it consists of clusters of treble crochets separated by chains, and then treble crochets separated by skipped stitches. Every odd-numbered row is simply a row of half double crochets. It’s really that easy!

Go ahead and crochet along with Jayda and get excited about fall weather and fall projects! I know I am!