A Big, Comfy Color-Block Crochet Blanket Is A Great Project For Beginners!

Big, comfortable, colorful and easy-to-make…what’s NOT to love about this blanket?

When you think of all of the various crochet projects out there, more times than not, you probably think of big, bulky and warm blankets, right? Of course you do, and for good reason! They are some of our very favorite projects to make since they are not only beautiful but also, obviously, quite useful!

With that said, we are excited about today’s project…big, comfortable, colorful and easy-to-make, so what is there NOT to love about this blanket?

Melanie from iheartstitching takes us through the steps in this how-to video tutorial, which will have you running to the craft store for new yarn so you can start crocheting your own version in no time!

Now, please do not be fooled by the way it looks; this project is absolutely perfect for beginners! Take a look and give it a try! Happy hooking, friends!