9 Easy Gifts To Make In The Workshop This Weekend

It’s good to have some simple projects up your sleeve for just the right occasion!

Bamboo Cutting Board

If you are looking for a new project to test your skills and have fun in your workshop, then this is just the project you’ve been looking for. Even better, it would make a great gift for anyone in your life who enjoys cooking or appreciates a well-made handcrafted piece of art made by you! David from Make Something takes you step-by-step through the process of making this beautiful wood cutting board with a decorative inlay in this video tutorial and I just know you are going to love how this project turns out.

Wooden Sunglasses

Now, this is just about the coolest DIY we’ve seen: homemade wooden sunglass frames. We love this craft for both how clever and stylish it turns out! It’s fun to watch what a little creativity, combined with patience and clear woodworking skills, can come up with – in this case, a custom-made pair of wooden sunglasses. Alex Harris, in his video series “ThisWoodwork,” offers an excellent tutorial, and showcases his legitimate woodworking ability. This is a great project for a creative person with access to the right tools and with sufficient woodworking abilities.

Minimalist Bookshelf

This minimal hanging bookshelf is such a fun project! It was inspired by a postcard a friend sent from Iceland. This design is both fun and functional. Sure, you could just build a regular bookshelf that could probably hold more books and take up less space, but this is a visually striking way to present your books! Plus, isn’t it always fun to take on a new design challenge? Get the full tutorial here!