9 Unique Bookshelves Every Book Lover Needs

What is it about a full bookshelf that is so satisfying?

Sure, we could pile our books on tables or shove them in a closet, but part of being a bookworm is proudly displaying our collection! Whether they’ve all been read 5 times over, or you have a sophisticated filing system of genres and those that have been read versus those that will be read, one thing is for sure; we love our books! There’s just something so satisfying about a full bookshelf, like the possibilities are endless, and adventure is right within our grasp. Without further ado, here is a list of totally unique and awesome bookshelves that we want, and think you will too. Happy reading, friends!

The Honeycomb

For the eclectic book reader, this shelf is just for you. Things are a little mismatched, but they somehow fit. We love this look!

The Pallet Shelf

This is perfect for smaller spaces, like a kids room, or even a shelf in the kitchen for cookbooks!

Upcycled Door

You’ve heard it said that opening a good book is like opening a door to a whole new world? Well, in this case it’s much less metephorical.