8 Last Minute Gifts To Knit For Friends And Family

Most of these can be completed in just a few hours!

One Row Scarf

You can use any yarn, any needle size, easily make it any width or length, and it looks good on everyone – women, men, and kids alike! Seriously, this is one versatile scarf. The pattern is so easy to remember, so for those knitters who like to throw on their favorite show in the background, this is a great pattern you can easily repeat again and again. Knit 2, knit 1 in the back loop, and purl. That’s it! So easy, and so gorgeous. I love the texture in this pattern! Knit along with the video here and learn these easy stitches.

Appalachian Blanket

These stitches are all beginner friendly – the seed stitch, checkerboard pattern, zigzags, etc. and yet because this blanket is worked in sections, even the most experienced knitters don’t get bored! Plus, all of these different sections of stitches make for an absolutely beautiful texture on the finished blanket. Get the full tutorial here!