8 Fun Kids Crafts Using Cursive!

We love anything that can keep our kids engaged and having fun while also learning important skills and creating works of art. These educational crafts center around the use of cursive. While a lot of schools have stopped teaching kids how to write in cursive, we think it’s still a great skill to have, if only to sign your name and make these fun crafts! Go ahead and get inspired to try a few of these out with the kiddos tonight.

Name Bugs

How cute are these? I love the idea of using cursive to create works of art. It’d be great to try out with first, middle, and last names, maybe even nicknames too!

Cursive Calaveras

This would be a great craft to try out around Halloween. What a fun way to learn such a practical skill!

Abstract Cursive Art

Not only will this give kids plenty of practice writing their name, but it’s a great project to have and keep on hand when they get wiggly or can’t pay attention. Let them color in a few spaces, put it away, and get it back out again when necessary.

Kaleidoscope Name Drawings

How fun is this? I want to do one for myself…

Whizzco for CRH