7 Ways To Use Leaves In Your Garden This Fall!

Leaves, leaves, everywhere, and not a one to spare. As we prepare our garden for the cold winter months ahead, there are plenty of leaves to be picked up and disposed of. But wait! Don’t just bag up your leaves and haul them off to the dump, consider how they can be recycled and used for nutrient rich soil for years to come! From composting, leaf mold, and shredded mulch, there are quite a few ways these fall leaves can be put to work this year in the garden. Go ahead and check out these 7 ways to use leaves, and start planning your next clean up day accordingly! I knew that leaves could be used for a few things around the garden, but I had no idea they were the perfect mix for rich soil and protection. This list is pretty comprehensive, but let us know if we missed anything in the comments below!

Make sure you’re raking the right way! Watch this video for a few pro tips.

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