The 7 Colors Of Pee And What They Say About Your Health

What is healthy and when should you see a doctor?

You can learn a lot about what’s going on inside the body by taking a look at what comes out. While staring into the toilet bowl might not be your favorite pass time, it can tip you off to some underlying health issues. As with most medical conditions, early detection is key to successful treatment. So go ahead and take pause next time you pee – it just might save your life!


In all likelihood, if your urine is red it is because you recently ate beets or blackberries, or possibly rhubarb. Red or pink pee after eating beets is very common, but can seem scary if you’re not expecting it! The compounds in these brightly colored foods are excreted in the urine after the kidney’s do their processing. It should clear up in a day or two.

However, if your red or pink pee lingers, or if you have red pee and you haven’t eaten beets, berries, or rhubarb recently, it could be a symptom of something more serious. If you notice blood clots or other pieces of tissue in your pee, see a doctor immediately. It could be a sign of a bladder or kidney tumor.