7 Fascinating Facts About Roses

7 Fascinating Facts About Roses

4. Medicinal value.

Roses need not be viewed as purely ornamental plants. Their value extends far beyond aesthetic appeal. Rose hips (the fruit of the plant) are high in Vitamin C. Supplements and teas containing rose hips are said to relieve all sorts of physical ailments, from digestive issues to cancer.

5. Secret ingredient.

You may have eaten a part of the rose plant before, without even being aware! Rose syrup, made from petals, is often found in scones and marshmallows, and Middle Eastern and Asian cooking incorporates rose water. Surprise your sweetie this year by delivering roses in the form of scones with this scrumptious Rose Petal Drop Scone recipe.

6. Natural perfume.

Roses have long been prized for their aromatic quality. In the Middle Ages, wealthy women masked unpleasant body odor by carrying around bouquets of roses. When they did take a bath, nobility frequently freshened up the water with rose petals and oils. Today, rose water is a common ingredient in perfumes and scented beauty products.

7. Thousands of varieties.

Forget the basic red-petaled rose. There are thousands of varieties out there! Most experts agree there are at least 13,000 identified types. You can see about 7,500 of them on display in Cavriglia, Italy. Roseto Fineschi, located in Tuscany, is the largest private rose garden in the world.