Stranger Danger

While Halloween is a fun holiday where lots of families and kids are out and about, it’s still good to remind your kiddos (even the big kids) about accepting rides or treats from strangers who approach them on the street. Hopefully, you usually go to neighborhoods you know, so you are probably familiar with most of the neighbors and can easily spot someone who looks like trouble. However, with masks and costumes on Halloween, it can be difficult to tell!

Taste-Testing Patience

We’ve all heard the horror stories (no pun intended) of dangerous things in candy – whether it’s a sharp object or poison. While you probably have nothing to worry about, it’s always good to check the candy before you let your kids partake. Simply spread out the candy on the kitchen table when you get home and make sure there are no homemade goodies, and that all of the wrappers are intact for the candies. Of course, your kids will probably want to partake in some candy while out and about – so pack your own little bag of candy from home that you know is safe. They can have a treat to tide them over until you can go home and fully inspect the other candy.

Plan A Route

Know where you’re going before you head out for the evening! Plan your evening out with your little ones and make sure to talk about a few checkpoints along the way. Not only is this an efficient way to make the most of your time together, but if you get separated at some point, your child will know to go to the next checkpoint and wait for you there.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!