Halloween will be here before we know it! We know your kiddos are anxious to hit the road and collect candy while showing off their costumes, but before you head out the door consider these safety tips to ensure a fun evening for everyone!

Be Visible

With the shorter days and longer nights that come with fall, it gets dark so much quicker! If your kids will comply, try to choose (or make) costumes that are brightly colored so you can keep an eye on them at all times. If they absolutely must wear dark colors, have them wear a glow necklace to help them stand out.

Right Of Way

Have a discussion with your kids about basic pedestrian safety – wait for the walk signal before crossing an intersection, look both ways, etc. Be sure they know not to assume they have the right of way when crossing the street, especially on holidays like Halloween.

Stay On The Porch

Every once in a while, trick-or-treaters run across a house or two where someone invites them to come inside. Remind your kids that they should never go inside. Most of these people are just being neighborly, but it’s not worth the risk! If the homeowner insists they come inside, tell your little ones to turn around and walk away.