6 Safety Tips Every Woodworker Should Know

Listen to the Morgan Freeman in your head!

Safety. It’s an important part of our woodworking hobby, though far from the most exciting thing we can talk about! Safety is often underrated in the shop, and oftentimes we work alone so there is no one else pressuring us to be safe or to hold us accountable for doing things the right way. However, if you’ve ever had a close call with a power tool, you’ll know just how important safety is to woodworking!

In the video below, Steve from Wood Working for Mere Mortals gives us his 6 safety tips for the shop. Believe it or not, he actually makes the video really entertaining! This will be the funniest safety training video you’ve ever seen. As Steve says, “Just listen to the Morgan Freeman in your head!” Enough said. Go ahead and check out the video below! If Steve missed any important safety tips, let us know in the comments below!