5 Practical Tips On Finding Time To Write While Working Full Time

I know I have to “make time to write” but… how?!

“While the times may have changed, the need to bring home the bacon has not.” This line resonates with those of us who have creative pursuits outside of the 9-5! We often have to work the day jobs (or night shifts) to support our creative hobbies and to eventually turn those hobbies into a full-time career. However, as author Vivien Ries says in the video below, “Our first drafts most certainly don’t pay the bills.”

So for anyone who has to punch a clock, or who has other activities demanding a majority of their waking hours – parents, caretakers, volunteers, etc., – this video is for you! Here are some super realistic tips on creating space and balancing goals with real life demands. None of this, “You just have to make time to write,” unhelpful nonsense. Sure, you do have to make time to write… but how?!