5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Quilting

Quilting isn’t just a fun, time-honored tradition and hobby, it’s actually good for health!

Develops Community & Wellbeing

Humans are social creatures, and even the most introverted person craves some sort of community and connection. Quilting is a low-stress way to find friends with similar interests. It takes all of the pressure off of figuring out topics to discuss – you already know you all love to quilt, so start there, and you’ll be surprised at the friends you’ll make!

Helps Us Unplug

On the opposite end of the spectrum, quilting is a great way to just unplug from the world of modern technology. Sure, you may still need your sewing machine, but turn off the screens and put your phone on do not disturb for an afternoon. Ya know, go back to the simpler times and really take some space to relax with your favorite hobby!

Lowers Risk Of Heart Attack & Stroke

With all the above-mentioned benefits – lower stress, building community, etc., it’s no surprise that quilting also lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. Quilting gives us a sense of accomplishment, whether we’re finishing a project for a friend, a gift for a loved one, or just working on a quilt for ourselves. This increases the reward chemicals in our brains and lowers blood pressure, which lowers risk of heart attack and stroke.