Just when you think you’ve heard it all, someone comes up with a new, innovative way to get the most out of your gardening experience! Whether it’s an inexpensive garden makeover or a different, more efficient way to give your plants the nutrients they need, the gardening game is always evolving. Check out our top 5 garden hacks everyone should know!

Hinged Hoop House

As is the case with most gardeners, we don’t usually begin with a big yard with plenty of garden space. My garden began on the balcony of an old apartment and only when moving into my own house did I have enough space for a raised garden. I have been looking for a way to take my gardening to another level when I ran across today’s video for a DIY Hinged Hoophouse, aka my own mini greenhouse. Get the easy tutorial here!

Bury A Raw Egg In Your Garden

Sure, you can buy expensive treatments and chemicals to add to your soil, but there are lots of natural and inexpensive ways to enrich your soil with things you probably already have around the house. In this video, we’ll see all the benefits of layering raw eggs in your garden or planters before planting. You can even save empty egg shells and use them to plant seedlings. Once the seeds start to grow, simply plant the whole thing the garden – shell and all!