35 Common Grammar Confusions

Some of these are my greatest pet peeves!

15. Council and Counsel

Council is a meeting for discussion or advice.

Counsel means to give advice.

16. Eminent, Imminent, Immanent

Eminent means of high rank, or respected.

Imminent means very near, impending.

Immanent means inherent or intrinsic.

17. Illicit and Explicit

Illicit means unlawful.

Elicit means to draw out.

18. Its and It’s

Its is the possessive form of it.

It’s is a contraction for it is.

19. Lead and Led

Lead means to guide someone towards something.

Led is the past tense of Lead.

20. Lie and Lay

Lie is to rest on a surface.

Lay is to put something in place.

21. Lose and Loose

Lose is a verb which means to misplace or not win.

Loose is to describe things that are not tightly fitted, and also to release.