35 Common Grammar Confusions

Some of these are my greatest pet peeves!

8. Apart and A Part

Apart is to be separated.

A part is to be joined with.

9. Ascent and Assent

Assent means to express approval or agreement.

Ascent refers to an upward movement.

10. Breath and Breathe

Breath is the air inhaled/exhaled. It also means a short pause.

Breathe is to inhale or exhale.

11. Capital and Capitol

Capital is the city or town that is the seat of government; while the building in which the legislative assembly meets is the Capitol.

Capital can also refer to financial resources.

12. Cite, Sight, Site

Cite means to quote or document; to recognize formally, or to summon before a court of law.

Sight means vision.

Site means location.

13. Complement and Compliment

Complement is something that completes or makes up a whole.

Compliment is an expression of praise or admiration.

14. Conscious and Conscience

Conscious means awake or aware.

Conscience is the sense of right and wrong.