3 DIY Thanksgiving Placemats

We’ve found three great ways to customize your holiday table setting with these super simple and super fun placemats.

Placemat Design #2: Hand-Painted Turkey

This is a great one for nostalgia…let the kids do one for themselves or do a family handprint with each member making their mark.


— Contact / Clear Transparent Paper

— Multi-color Pack of Cardstock – brown, red, orange, green (8.5-inch x 11-inch)

— Decorative Cardstock (12-inch x 12-inch)

— Scissors & Crafting Scissors (with pattern)

— Glue

— Craft Paint: red, yellow, brown, green

— Trays/paper plates to hold paint

— Sharpie (if writing any personalizations)


— Use 20” x 20” cardstock as base, paste 8.5” x 11” cardstock as background for the turkey.

— Pour paint colors onto separate trays.

— Dip hand in individual colors and press onto cardstock in a turkey feather pattern. Allow to dry.

— Once paint is dry, prepare the turkey: cut out brown circle for turkey head.

— Cut out turkey “gobble”.

— Cut out turkey legs.

— Cut out turkey beak and white circles for eyes, using black sharpie to fill in eye.

— Glue these to center of hand-painted turkey feathers.

— With a sharpie, write down any “remembrances” such as “Happy Thanksgiving” or the name of the artist.

— Use clear transparent paper to laminate the placemats.

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