We all have some clothes that we refuse to throw away. They may be worn out, too big, too small, or starting to fall apart, but we shove them in the back of the closet, unwilling to let them go just yet. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck! We have a video today full of clothing hacks to help you revive just about anything!

If your jeans are all stretched out even after washing them, try this clever hack: boil them for 10 minutes! That’s right! Then, once they dry, the jeans will shrink back to their original size. Or, if you’re more like me and have the opposite problem, see how you can easily add some elastic in some discreet areas to stretch out your favorite jeans a size or two bigger.

We’ve all had a favorite sweater that has a loose thread. Instead of throwing out the whole sweater due to one little wardrobe malfunction, try threading the loose material back into the sweater by using a bobby pin! Yes, it really is that easy.

Watch the video below for even more amazing clothing hacks. You’ll learn how to transform old clothes, fix broken clothes, clean up stains, and of course, how to wear a bra with any top without the straps showing. Wich one of these hacks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!