15 Unique Tables To Inspire Your Next Project!

Beautiful Butterfly Inlay

From the craftsman, Heather Stiletto: “I found a treadle sewing machine recently at a Goodwill. It had already been refinished (badly) a couple of times, so I have zero guilt with removing the old finishes. I decided to cut out the damaged areas and replace them with an inlay. The woods are all from pallets – scraps of other projects, actually – oak, pine, poplar, etc. I did selectively stain some of the woods but used a simple stained glass pattern. I chipped out and used a Dremel to finish out the removal of the moldy wood. When the butterfly was put in, I then used some foiling paint and outlined it in silver to give it that “stained glass” feel. I’ve never attempted anything like this, so I know it pales in comparison to the truly stunning work I’ve seen on this page, but we all had to start somewhere!”

Gold River Table

From the craftsman: “43”x72″x31 “high. Solid walnut live edge slabs. In the middle of the slabs is a river with some actual Alaskan gold!”

Repurposed Door

From the craftsman, Stelios Maragos: “Handmade Dining Table made from old Neoclassical Door reclaimed from neoclassical mansion.”

Wine Barrel Coffee Table

From the craftsmen, Rob Grierson & Lisa-Marie Pettovello: “Oak wine barrel top and bade also made with reclaimed oak! Done by I’m Board Rustic Creations.”

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