10 Tips Every Gardener Should Know!

Get the most out of your garden with these easy tips!

How To Use Tea Bags In The Garden

By burying your used tea bags into the soil of your garden, you can reap a multitude of health benefits for your plants, and the environment around them. For starters, the tea adds much-needed nutrients to the soil. Since the tea bags are made out of abaca leaf stalks, it is a natural ingredient that will decompose over time. By adding tea to your compost pile, you can actually speed up the process of composting. The acid found in tea helps to break down composted material at a higher rate, so you are able to use your compost much faster! Find out all of the benefits here!

How To Get Rid Of Pests Naturally

Whether it’s aphids, cabbage worms, potato beetles, earworms, or any other kind of pest, you don’t want these pests on your plants! But don’t bring out the pesticide just yet! Did you that you can plant complimentary flowers to help rid your vegetable patch of pests? By planning your garden in such a way as to plant flowers in with your veggies, you can attract natural predators of the pests that haunt your veggies.

For example, lavender and feverfew attract hoverflies, which in turn feed on aphids. Watch this videoto see what other garden planning tips we have for you out in the garden this year!