10 Tips Every Gardener Should Know!

Get the most out of your garden with these easy tips!

It’s no secret that we love gardening around here. From quick tips and garden hacks to full-on garden construction projects and even a few recipes that use fresh garden veggies, we pretty much cover it all. We’ve rounded up our top ten best garden tips that are sure to take your gardening game to the next level!

How To Keep Plants Alive During Winter

The most important thing to think about when troubleshooting a plant problem is the light. The other thing to think about, even if you do have south facing windows, is turning your plants. If you place your plant in a window and then only get light at an angle instead of directly above the plant, you’ll notice it will start to lean forward towards the light. This causes the plant to become leggy. To fix this, simply rotate the plant once a week to ensure full coverage. See what other tips and trick Laura has for you in this video!

How To Test Soil For Spring Planting

Every year it seems something of a guessing game. When will the soil be truly ready for planting? If you jump the gun and plant too early, you may spoil the season’s harvest. Soil that’s absorbed lots of melted snow or April showers is too easily compacted by treading. It’s prone to transforming into dense clumps of tough soil once it’s turned over and dried under the sun. If you work soil that’s wet, its consistency may be destroyed for the entire season. On the other hand, you can’t afford to wait too long. Those seeds need to get in the ground before summer, after all! See our full instructions for spring soil testing here!