These Are Just Some Of The 10 Strangest Plants On Earth

You have never seen plants that look like these…

While we love gardening and all of the amazing living things and plants that are on this earth, there are some strange pretty strange ones, we will not deny that! With that said and out of the way, we thought it would be fun to take a deeper look at the top ten strangest plants on earth.

First up, here are the names of the strangest plants:

The Banyan Tree

The Shy Plant

The Bottle Tree

The Resurrection Plant

The Baseball Plant

The Venus Fly Trap

The World’s Most Drought Resistant Plant (The Onion Of The Desert)

The World’s Largest Flower

The Corpse Flower

The Red Tide

For more information and fun facts on each of these crazy plants, be sure to check out this video from Facts Versa.

What is your favorite of these strange, crazy and still super fun plants?