10 Insanely Clever Things To Make With Old Magazines

I love being able to recycle and reuse things in my crafts as much as possible. That’s why I was so excited to find these awesome crafts that are made almost entirely from old magazines! Plus, I love the vintage “book” look that a lot of these crafts have, and I really love that they don’t destroy any actual books. Win-win! Check out our favorite clever ideas on how to reuse those old magazines stacked in the corner of the living room.

Wristlet Purse

Whaaaat? This is so cute! While the black and white look is always a classic, you could make it eclectic with some color, or collect pages and pictures that are all the same color. Or a gradient. The possibilities are endless!

Fancy Shmancy Basket

Oh my goodness. What wouldn’t I use this for? Probably holding liquid. But other than that, everything is going to be organized in magazine baskets from now on!

Wall Art

This is certainly a labor of love! It might take me months to finish this project, but what a fun way to make art out of trash! I bet older kids could really get into this project. Make it fun for the whole family!

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