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10 Brilliant Ideas To Fill An Empty Notebook

3. Cleaning Routine

Post-it notes on the fridge are soooo last year. Get in the habit of cleaning your living space a little bit every day, and never neglect any area of the house again! A good way to organize this is by time. Start with the things that need to be taken care of every day – dishes, garbage, wiping down the counters, etc. Then move to those weekly tasks – vacuuming, washing the sheets, cleaning the toilet, and so on. Then, list out things those maintenance and upkeep tasks that you always forget – changing the air filters, testing the fire alarms, cleaning out the gutters, etc. Finally, move to big tasks that get done once a year, depending on the season – cleaning out the shed, power washing the siding, and so on. Once everything is listed, break it down into manageable sections each day. That way you won’t leave everything for the weekend, you’ll be able to chip away at big projects and keep up with the day to day stuff as well!

4. Gift Ideas

How many times have you seen something in a store or online and said, “Oh! That would be perfect for mom for her birthday, I’ll have to remember to get that when it gets closer to the day,” and then promptly forget all about it a few hours later. Or worse, you buy whatever the thing is and hide it, and then forget about it or forget where you put it. Never again! Keep a list of people you buy gifts for, either for birthdays, special occasions, or holidays. When you see something, write it down, and put a check by it if you purchased the gift (and make sure to note where you hid it). You can also come up with a list of gift ideas to have on hand so you can keep an eye out for sales.

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