10 Things Every Homeowner Should Know

These tips are truly game-changers!

Owning a home is such a great thing – not only are you investing in your future, but you have a place and space to call your own! Of course, we also love the fact that when you own your own home you can decorate however you want, painting walls, changing the carpet, etc. However, when you finally make the move from renting to owning, there also comes a lot of responsibility. There isn’t a landlord to pay for repairs or come by and unclog the sink. Never fear, that’s why we have the internet! These days you can look up just about anything you need to know. Here is a list of 10 quick fixes that every homeowner should know how to do – with instructions on just how to do them!

Fix A Jiggly Flusher

Do you have a loose flush handle on your toilet? This can be frustrating and often means the toilet isn’t flushing the right way which can cause issues down the road if not addressed sooner rather than later. Fortunately, this a super easy fix! We recommend calling a professional for any actual plumbing issues, but this is one thing you can totally fix yourself. Start by turning off the water. Then, open the back of the tank and pull the chain to drain the water. You’ll notice the chain is hooked to the flusher by a clasp. Simply remove the clasp and put it a few links down on the chain until it pulls tight. Attach the clasp back to the flusher and turn the water back on. That’s it!

Hide A Mess Of Cords

Nothing creates clutter like having a tangled mess of cords all bunched up. There’s an easy way to hide all of these cords, whether they’re at the foot of your computer, by the TV stand, or on the floor by your bed. First get a packaging tube – this is made of thick and durable cardboard. Cut a line down the long side of the tube and cover the edges with Duct tape. Finish off with a coat of spray paint and let it dry. Attach the tube to the back of your desk or tuck it away behind your bed and then slide your power strip into the tube, making sure the sockets face the opening. Then, plug in everything and tuck the cords into the tube to conceal everything!

Magnetic Screwdriver

If you’ve done any home improvement projects around the house – big or small – then you’ll know the pain of constantly dropping screws or putting them in at the wrong angle. Try this awesome trick that will alleviate so many of those issues! Simply grab a strong magnet, like a rare earth magnet, and put it halfway down the length of the screwdriver. This will make the rest of the metal screwdriver magnetic! The screws will stick to the tip of the screwdriver instead of falling off.