Hidden Owl Picture Frame

Oh wow! I love this idea! This cute card is just begging to be hung up on the fridge or displayed at the office.

DAD Picture Frame!

How adorable is this card? I bet you could make a more durable version of this with paper mache letter or even a wood. What a cute idea!

Following In My Dad’s Footsteps

Okay, this is just too cute. Who wouldn’t love to get this as a card?

Creative Stick Card

How fun! This is a great colaborative card for the kiddos to work on. The younger ones can color on the sticks, and the older ones can write out the top 5 things they love about dad. How special!

Daddy’s Grilling Partner

This is perfect for Father’s Day! What better way to say I love you than a card that showcases shared hobbies. So cute!