Have you perused Pinterest and been inspired to try out fun and new crafts… only to find they are a lot harder and more expensive than you originally thought? Yeah. Us too. That’s why this list is dedicated to you – the tentative DIYer who has been burned before (quite possibly literally burned from a hot glue gun project gone awry). Go ahead and check out our list of incredibly easy DIY projects and then watch the video on the last page for more ideas and in-depth instructions on each project.

Easy Bracelets

Have you seen these cute friendship bracelets before? Maybe you’ve even tried your hand at a few only to find all the knotting and twisting seems to be more trouble than it’s worth. With this little trick, you can have a set of adorable bracelets in no time! Simply cut a circle from a piece of cardboard. Then, choose six colors of embroidery thread, and cut 7 evenly spaced slots around the outside of the cardboard circle. Also cut a hole in the middle. Knot one end of the threads together and pull all the threads through the middle of the cardboard piece. separate the colors and stick them in the slots. There will be one open slot. Take the thread second from the right of the open slot, move it over the thread in the middle, and place it in the empty slot. This will open up a new slot. Repeat taking the second thread from the right, moving it over the middle thread, and placing in the open slot. You will create a rope that feeds out of the center of the circle. Tie off the threads when you’re done and admire your new bracelet!

Stunning Statement Necklace

This statement necklace is so cute! This example uses a soft fleece yarn, but you can improvise and use a silk rope for a more defined look, or some cotton yarn for a more delicate look. The technique used to create the center weave is called finger knitting. Don’t panic! It’s so much easier than regular knitting. You can get our full tutorial on finger knitting right here. Make sure to leave long tails on either end so you can string some beads on the sides before tying the necklace up!