It’s no secret we love all things crafting and DIY around here. From knitting and crocheting to wine cork crafts and storage hacks, we’ve pretty much done it all! As with anything, the more experience you have, the more you learn little tips and tricks along the way to make life easier (and in our case, prettier, too). We’ve collected our top 10 craft hacks that are sure to be real game changers for all you DIY enthusiasts out there!

Sea Glass (Without The Sea)

Do you love the look of sea glass? The muted colors and matte finish? Good news! For those of us who don’t get to walk along the beach every day to collect sea glass, there is a better way! You can mix some Elmer’s glue with food coloring and paint it on any glass object to get the foggy, faded look of sea glass. This looks great on vases, mason jars, and just about anything you can think of!

Easy Glitter Removal

Ah, glitter. The gift that keeps on giving. Sure, the kids love it (and we’ll admit it can be ok in small doses for our DIY projects as well), however, it sure can cause a mess! Rest easy with this awesome glitter removal hack! If you find yourself picking glitter off of your clothes (and couch, carpet, counter tops, etc.), you can grab a lint roller instead. This will pick up glitter in a breeze and leave your space and clothes much cleaner.