Command hooks can sure come in handy around the house. We usually put them on the front door for a quick and easy way to hang a wreath or next to the door for a place to hang keys or hats. But, did you know there are so many other uses for them around the house? Below is a list of our top 10 favorite ways to use command hooks!

Coffee Station

Via Hi Sugarplum

If you’re like us, you need a cup of coffee (or three) before really getting into the day. Your kitchen probably has a coffee maker in one corner, mugs in a cabinet across the kitchen, and all the fixin’s somewhere else. Why not get all the stuff you need for your morning cup of joe together in one spot? Using the command hooks to hang your mugs will free up some space and give a fun, coffee shop vibe to your kitchen!

Hanging Herb Garden

Via Julie Blanner

We always encourage using fresh herbs whenever you can in recipes – and it doesn’t get fresher than growing them yourself! One major set back when thinking about growing your own herbs is the space. If you don’t have a lot of extra counter space in your kitchen, it can be hard to justify using any of it for an indoor garden. That’s why this idea to hang the herbs in your window is just perfect!

Wrangle Unruly Cords

Via Dreaming In DIY

We all have those kitcen appliances that get in the way of, well, just about everything. Have you ever considered using a command hook to get those unruly cords under control? You’ll have to try this nifty little hack. It works great for a standing mixer!

Under The Sink Organization

Via A Bowl Full Of Lemons

Let’s face it – things can get kind of out of hand when it comes to under the sink. It’s where we tend to toss things that we’re not sure where they go, or odds and ends cleaning supplies. Or maybe that’s just us. Either way, it can probably use a good reorganization!

Food Storage Organization

Via I Heart Organizing

This is such a brilliant idea! We’re always trying to find the best place to put rolls of saran wrap and tin foil. They are too big to put in most drawers, and yet when we put them in the cupboard, they get shoved in the back and we can’t reach them the next time we need them. This is a great solution!