10 Clever Ways To Reuse Old “Junk”

Time to clean out the garage and put that “trash” to good use!

You know the old saying – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If your garage looks anything like ours, you’ve probably got quite a bit of “treasure” in there. Never fear! We’ve got some fun and unique ideas for repurposing everything from rusty pipes to tires, magazines, and headboards. Go ahead and check out our list, and let us know which project idea is your favorite!

Steampunk Chess Set

Via Popular Mechanics

I don’t know how we accumulated so many fittings and faucets over the years, but this is one clever way to reuse them! With just a bit of rust remover and good ol’ elbow grease, you can make these rusted piles of junk into a really neat chess set. Even if you don’t have quite enough for a whole set, most fittings are pretty easy and cheap to come by. Get creative by mixing and matching parts with different finishes until you’ve created the perfect, custom chess set. We love this idea! Get more info at Popular Mechanics.