10 Cleaning Tips You Wish You Knew About Sooner

Baseboards, microwaves, charred pans, and everything in between.

Somedays it takes every ounce of energy I have just to get a healthy dinner on the table on time, let alone cleaning the kitchen and scouring the pots and pans afterward! And let’s just not look inside the microwave. Please ignore the mounds of pet hair balled up on the couch. Someone, please help! Does this sound familiar? We’ve got just the list for you. Each of these cleaning tips are so easy to incorporate into your weekly routine, you’ll be kicking yourself for not trying them sooner!

Charred Pots And Pans

Let’s start with the dishes. If you’ve spent any time cooking at all, chances are you’ve ruined a pot or two in your life. We have one pot we thought was forever ruined after a failed experimental recipe in the kitchen. Not wanting to admit defeat just yet, the charred pot sat on the bottom shelf of the cupboard for… a while. So now, not only were there burnt, charred remains of dinner past caked on the pot, but after letting it set for so long, the stain had permanently bonded with the metal, becoming an integral part of the infrastructure of the pot. Or so we thought. See the cleaning hack that changed our lives (and pans) forever!

Blinds, Baseboards, and Cutting Boards

I, for one, am the absolute worst when it comes to baseboards and blinds. Both of these cleaning tasks are so easy to forget, until it’s bad. Like, really bad. Luckily for me, this video covers both of those sore spots!

Bathroom Hacks

Take the dread out of cleaning a bathroom with a few tips that make the job easier. Use these tricks on a routine basis and your bathroom will always be ready if an unexpected guest drops by for a visit.