10 Amazing Projects To Jumpstart Your Hobby

Need some inspiration? Look no further!

Every week on our woodworking facebook page, Daily Craftsman, we do a check in to see what everyone has been working on. Every week you guys just blow us away with all of the projects you tackle! This week was especially inspiring, and we wanted to share some of the best of the best. On the line up: Honey Bee Clock, an entire coffee bar, and a crossbow. You read that right. Keep scrolling for the details!

Rocking Horse

This is an absolute beauty! Thanks for sharing, Beaver Dam Saw Mill Creations! We can’t wait to see what else you guys are working on.

ISU Pride

I grew up in Ames, Iowa, home of the Iowa State Cyclones, so when I saw this beauty in the comments section, I just had to share it. Great work, Ben Ortman!

Special Puzzle Box

From the talented craftsman, Greg Worosz: A project commissioned by my best friend to house a particular gift for the special lady in his life. After filling me in on his intentions and the puzzle he had spent the last couple years laying out in front of her, we collaborated on a design that incorporated the puzzle theme along with wood species native to areas from some of their travels together. Since she has collected rocks from her travels throughout her life, he had selected a rock from each trip, including a special shiny rock. I set out to craft the “puzzle box” in a way that relied on the meaningful significance of every aspect of it while being mindful not to overshadow the contents of the box. Using all solid woods, including maple from Vermont, white oak from North Carolina, black walnut from Michigan, Italian olive from Italy (4 places they traveled) and mahogany for the ring. The lid is made of supremely figured birdseye maple and mahogany. All joinery was meticulously crafted with hand-cut sliding dovetails, which appropriately slid together like a jigsaw puzzle. In the end, She said yes, and I couldn’t be more happy for them and to be a small part of their amazing story.


Stunning workmanship, Tom Ellis! Thanks for sharing, this must’ve taken you a while. It was well worth the effort!

Honey Bee Clock

How fun is this little project?! I love the faces on the bees at 12 o’clock. Too funny! Thanks for sharing, Bobbie-Jo Phelps!