Health Benefits & Cleaning Hacks: 10 Crazy Uses For Cucumbers

Cucumbers are truly incredible and can be used for so many things!

Cucumbers are amazing! I had no idea there were so many uses for cucumbers, not only as a healthy snack that can cure headaches and prevent hangovers, but as a natural way to clean and destress! For more incredible and little known facts about cucumbers, keep reading below:

1. Spa Treatment

Since cucumbers are 90% water, they help relieve puffiness in your eyes while moistening and cooling them. This is why they are such a relaxing treat at the spa!

2. Help Lower Cholesterol And Weight

Cucumbers contain lots of fiber which helps you feel full and also lowers bad cholesterol. Both of these things are proven to help lower weight.

3. Foggy Mirrors After A Shower?

Don’t leave streaks on the bathroom mirror! Instead, rub a cucumber slice on the mirror to get rid of fog, and leave the room smelling fresh!

4. Headache and Hangover Prevention

If you’ve had a few too many, eating cucumber slices before bed can help replace the sugar, B vitamins, and electrolytes in your body so you can wake up (mostly) hangover free.

5. Shoe Shine

Rubbing a fresh cucumber over your shoes will leave them shiny and water resistant!